Research Work


1. Competition and Crowd-out for Brand Keywords in Sponsored Search (w/ Chris Nosko and Justin Rao), Marketing Science 37 (2), 2018

Finalist, 2018 John D.C. Little Award; Media Coverage: [The Correspondent]

2. Firms’ Reactions to Public Information on Business Practices: Case of Search Advertising (w/ Justin Rao), Quantitative Marketing & Economics 17 (2), 2019
Runner-up, 2020 Dick Wittink Prize

3. State-Dependent Demand Estimation with Initial Conditions Correction (w/ Jean-Pierre Dube, Guenter Hitsch and Peter Rossi), Journal of Marketing Research, 57 (5), 2020
Lead article

Working Papers

  1. What Drives Demand for Government-Controlled News? Evidence from Russia (w/ Justin Rao, last update: November 2020) R&R, Journal of Political Economy
    [Online Appendix] Media Coverage: [ProMarket]

  2. Competitive Advertising on Brand Search: Traffic Stealing and Click Quality (w/ Shawndra Hill, last update: September 2020) R&R, Marketing Science

  3. The Persuasive Effect of Fox News: Non-Compliance with Social Distancing During the Covid-19 Pandemic (w/ Szymon Sacher, Jean-Pierre Dube, and Shirsho Biswas, last update: July 2020)
    NBER Working Paper #27237; Media Coverage: [Washington Post] [VoxEU] [ProMarket] [New Yorker][NYTimes Magazine][Hollywood Reporter]

  4. Do Suspense and Surprise Drive Entertainment Demand? Evidence from (w/ Raluca Ursu, Carolina Zheng, posted: October 2020)

Work in Progress

  • Gaming or Gambling? An Empirical Investigation of the Role of Loot Boxes in Video Games (w/ Tomomichi Amano)

  • A New Instrument for Measuring the Effectiveness of TV Advertising: Channel Position Effects (w/ Jean-Pierre Dube and Shirsho Biswas)